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Russian Girls

Russian women are warm, friendly, pretty and family-oriented. They are also intelligent and sophisticated.
The women in the gallery make their call all honor.

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Why choose a girl from Russia? A few facts

The size of the Russian population is about 145 million people and this is about twice as large as the population of Germany. The high proportion of women is a notable feature of the Russian population. According to the latest census, there are 77.5 million women and 67.5 million men living in the Russian Federation. This means that Russia is in fourth position in the global list of countries with the largest proportion of girls. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in the countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, etc.).
This is one of the reasons why Russian girls seek partners from the West. It is simply more difficult for them to find the right partner in their own country.
Are you interested in finding a Russian girl? If so, then you should know what sort of expectations ladies from Eastern Europe are likely to have.

Russian women - well-groomed, confident in themselves, and family- oriented.

They have a quiet and charming way of delighting men. They are also intelligent and sophisticated. This will be apparent to you even in your first conversation, assuming that you have both overcome the language barrier.

Russian girls have a particular appreciation for a well-groomed appearance in every respect. One of the reasons for this is the increase in competition that comes from the higher proportion of women in society. They are always keen to impress a man. This means that they have an attractive smile and a very appealing presence. They are quite used to presenting their womanly attractions in a subtle way and they make every effort to please.

Many Russians take it for granted that they will have a career and be financially responsible for themselves. Despite this, they also have a very strong sense of family. Being part of a loving family is very important and it plays a huge role in Russian soceity. They are domesticated and yet confident in themselves - they always love and look after their family. The family is the centre of their social lives. That is why Russian women are very keen to become an accepted part of the wider family circle.

Unfortunately, girls from Eastern Europe have to suffer the consequences of a prejudice that suggests they are looking for a Western partner for financial reasons. But in fact this prejudice is not true. Most Russian ladies are very self-confident and well educated.

Seeking and finding a lifelong partner

In Russia the consumption of large amounts of strong alcoholic drinks is the cause of many problems in relationships, and it also explains the lower life expectancy for men. In comparison with Western women, Russian women often have the advantage of being much more understanding and patient. There is a desire to maintain the concept of a lifelong relationship. They are more willing to compromise, and to meet their partner half way. Just like everybody else, they long for a fulfilling partnership that lasts for life.

On our dating site you can make contact with fantastic girl from Eastern Europe. If you are looking for further services, we can recommend a Russian dating agency. This agency can give you more information about love in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, and other places.